About Dunia

Getting the brightest people from around the world to solve climate change.

We have named the company 'Dunia Innovations' (Dunia from Arabic دُنْيا stands for ‘World’) as we strive for impact and want to develop the innovations the world needs the most.

Have you ever wondered about the carbon footprint you are leaving behind daily?

From buying your favourite clothes to surfing the web, all our actions carry a carbon footprint. Imagine a carbon-neutral world where our actions do not damage the planet we live on.

Circular Carbon Economy with Dunia Circular Carbon Economy with Dunia.

Dunia is creating disruptive technology to remove the bottleneck towards scalable carbon utilisation! What is holding us back from utilising CO2 to its full potential are inefficient catalysts. Our acceleration platform reduces the time and cost to market for the next-generation active materials by up to 90%.